The Ontario Racing Commission has reviewed the Lakeshore group's original proposal, and wants to work with the group to complete a business plan. (Associated Press file photo)

The Ontario Racing Commission wants to work with a group of people trying to bring harness racing to Lakeshore.

The group received the news Thursday at a meeting.

When Windsor Raceway closed last year, it was a blow to many people with horses.

Tom Bain, the Essex County warden, is also a horse owner, trainer and driver.

He's now a board member of the Lakeshore Horse Raceway Society.

Bain says the business plan proposed by his team includes tapping into as much as $7 million in purse money left behind in Windsor.

"Our next step is send in an addendum in to our application," Bain said. "This will involve the name of who our raceway manager is going to be, who the paddock judge will be, also where we'll be setting up tele-theaters in the area."

Bain says the plan is to convince the racing commission to increase the number of race dates from one to 10 at the Leamington fairgrounds, as well as the setting up of tele-theatres.

Bain says the Ontario Racing Commission has reviewed their original proposal, and wants to work with the group to complete a business plan.

The group remains committed to eventually building a new racetrack in Lakeshore.

"We are a group that's meeting the mandate of the transition board in that they want not-for-profit racetracks," Bain said.

"We've based our entire business plan on a not-for-profit racetrack, where any funds will be turned back into the facility itself."

Bain says the group hopes to hear positive news within the next two weeks.