Drivers on Ontario roads are quick to spot bad driving in other vehicles, but they're not so willing to admit committing similar behaviour, according to a new industry survey.

Road builders throughout the province are once again warning drivers about their bad driving habits in construction zones in a widespread effort to improve workers safety.

Survey results released by the Ontario Road Builders' Association show that nine out of 10 drivers witness bad driving, such as road rage, speeding and distracted driving. The same survey, though, found that just two thirds of drivers admit to poor behaviour when behind the wheel.

"There is some self-admitted guilt there, but if nine out of 10 drivers are driving dangerously, and we only admit we're doing it two thirds of the time, there's a bit of a disconnect there," said Geoff Wilkinson, chief operating officer of the road builders' association.

This year's survey results follow a particularly flashy campaign the association launched last year that features several videos that highlight the absurdity of aggressive driving in construction zones. 

The campaign contrasted people's behaviour in road construction by showcasing how ridiculous similar behaviour would look like in a typical office setting.

Wilkinson says there is a host of dangerous behaviour still seen in construction zones with the most common one being road rage. Speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving are also still common, he explained.

"Construction zones are our workers' workplaces and we have to remember that when we're driving through them," Wilkinson said. "These people are there and they want to get home at the end of the day. They want to get home to their family, their friends and loved ones. We all have a responsibility as drivers that they get there at the end of the day."