A few Ontario anglers have been fined recently — not for what they're catching — but for what they're using on their hooks.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry reports the anglers were using Goby, an invasive species, as bait.

MNRF conservation officer Kevin Sprague said using Goby is a problem because they can be “released into other bodies of water and spread.”

"The concern is ... someone who is catching Goby and keeping them in a pail next to them, live, and using them for bait … and possibly take them to other locations and fish with them in other lakes.”

The minimum fine for possessing a live Goby is $305 and for using a Goby as bait is $240.

Sprague said “it's very common to catch Goby in the Great Lakes. They're in Lake Erie. They're in all the Great Lakes."

“If you do catch one, we recommend that you kill them and dispose of them in the garbage or throw them back in the water.”