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A car believed to be the oldest Plymouth has returned home to the city known as Canada's Automotive Capital.

Michael Hunter, a pharmacist in Windsor, Ont., bought the 1928 Chrysler Plymouth Model Q at an auction in Wainwright, Alta., in August.

"I wanted it was because it was a unique car," Hunter told CBC News.

"It was made in Windsor at the corner of McDougall and Tecumseh Road East, and the serial numbers are all there to match."

Chrysler Plymouth built the Model Q at both its Windsor plant and across the Detroit River in Detroit.

'This car was made probably on Day 1 of production, which would have been roughly June the 14th, 1928.' —Michael Hunter

"This car that was made in Windsor is the oldest known," said Hunter.

"So even from the Detroit production, there's none known that are older. This car was made probably on Day 1 of production, which would have been roughly June the 14th, 1928."

Straight off the lot, Hunter's four-door sedan would have cost $725, back when the average labourer earned about $1,150 a year.

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AUDIO:Listen to Michael Hunter talk about the 1928 Chrysler Plymouth Model Q he purchased in Alberta and brought home to Windsor, Ont., where the car was made. (Tom Taylor/CBC)

Eighty-two years later, Hunter paid $25,000 for the car with chipped green paint that Plymouth advertising once boasted was able to reach speeds up to 60 m.p.h. (95 km/h).

'Drive it gently!'

Hunter had the car hauled from Alberta on a double-decker enclosed truck, because he said the car is in "very rough" shape.

"They found cracks in the frame that have to be welded again, and so that's where we have to start," said Hunter. "The motor runs, and the steering works."

Hunter said he expects it will take at least six months to get the Model Q in running order, but that he does intend to eventually drive the car.

"Drive it gently! Parades, car shows, or if somebody's daughter wants to get married and get driven to the church," said Hunter.

Hunter's goal is to be driving the Model Q around the streets of Windsor next summer.