Occupy Windsor took on an international flavour on the weekend. (CBC)

Occupy Windsor took on an international flavour on the weekend.

Members of the movement marched to the riverfront to stand in solidarity with the Occupy Detroit demonstrators.

About 50 people people set out from the park in Windsor's City Hall Square where demonstrators have pitched tents for the last week. The demonstrators march on downtown streets, making their way to the riverfront at the foot of Ouellette Avenue.

One of the participants remained in cellphone contact with a member of Occupy Detroit, and relayed a message of solidarity.

Members of occupy movements across North America are speaking out against a variety of issues, from corporate greed to the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

'Things are wrong'

"I hope people will listen and look into things and see things aren't right. No one's claiming to have the answer but we need people to start to ask the question," demonstrator Les Danielski, 53, said. "Things aren't right. Things are wrong. Things are getting worse for a lot of people."

After the march, the participants returned to Senator David Croll Park for music and an arts festival.

Pat Lingard of Leamington came to Windsor to show her support for the occupy movement.

"I believe we're in a world of trouble and we need all the help we can get," Lingard said. "Hopefully everybody unites and we fight it."

The Occupy Windsor movement is now in its second week, and the people involved say it will continue.

Police have said they will allow the demonstrations and occupation of the park to continue as long as all involved remain peaceful.