Members of Occupy Windsor moved out of Senator David Croll Park on the weekend.

'I think we accomplished quite a bit.' — Rob McGuffin, Occupy Windsor demonstrator

Demonstrators spent the weekend tearing down and clearing out their tent city after camping there for eight weeks in protest of social inequalities.

"I think we accomplished quite a bit," says Rob McGuffin, one of the participants who was there from Day 1.

"We've raised a lot of discussion here in the city of Windsor. We actually got four homeless people off the street and into some shelters. But the whole thing continues on. I think even more awareness is going to be raised about the stuff that's happening in our country today."

Former city councillor Ken Lewenza Jr. was one of the last people in Senator David Croll Park on Sunday. He, too, believes progress was made.

"We raised awareness about the level of inequality in the system," Lewenza said.

"Phase two is really going to be about how do we continue to go out do more networking, more organizing and continue to talk about the issues that largely have been ignored," Lewenza Jr. said.

Members of the Occupy movement say if need be, they will return in the spring to plant grass seed.