Officials say no layoffs are planned when Windsor Regional and Hôtel-Dieu Grace hospitals realign their operations, effective Oct. 1.

Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj said it's both an exciting and nervous time for the staff.

Under the realignment plan, Windsor Regional Hospital will operate the Met and Ouellette campuses.

Hotel-Dieu Grace moves over to the Tayfour campus on the city's west side.

Musyj says meetings have been held with workers to remove any fears they may have:

"It's anxiety. It's a change and you have to accept that whenever there's going to be change there is going to be some nervousness," he said. "But we can make a significant change in hospital care delivery in the city for the benefit of patients and families."

Musyj stresses patients and families won't notice any changes come Oct. 1, but workers will.

Musyj says there is no plan to merge the two hospital boards, though.

The realignment is expected to create the third largest community hospital organization in Ontario.

The operating budgets will total more than half a billion dollars.

The changes are a step toward building a new super-hospital for the region, which is at least seven years away.

Dr. Gary Ing, the chief of staff at Windsor Regional Hospital, says the changes could prove very attractive to new physicians.

"We are going to be offering more in terms of programs, the type of skilled setting that we're going to have, and in conjunction with the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, I think this is very complementary evolution of both parties," he said.

A series of events is planned at each of the three hospital locations leading up to the re-alignment.

That includes a mass led by the Bishop of London to decommission the Hotel-Dieu Grace chapel.