An additional NEXUS lane will be added to the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ont.

The new lane will be used to process NEXUS members during high-volume periods. It will be used as a regular lane at other times.

Essex Conservative MP Jeff Watson made the announcement on behalf of Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Steve Blaney.

“We will continue to take strong action to keep our borders open to legitimate trade and travel without compromising the safety and security of Canadians. This investment demonstrates that we are on the right track by supporting jobs and economic growth,” Watson said in a media release.

The NEXUS fee is $50 (CAN or USD) and once approved, the card is valid for five years.

According to the federal government, NEXUS membership has increased more than 50 per cent since the implementation of the Beyond the Border Action Plan in December 2011.

The government didn't say how many NEXUS members there are.

Members can access NEXUS lanes at eight international airports, 19 land ports of entry and approximately 430 marine locations.