Every high school has that one kid - the student involved in absolutely everything. They play music, excel in class and star on sports teams. At Walkerville Collegiate in Windsor, Ont., there are two such students.

Lucas and Liam Palmer are identical twins who both graduated with a 99 per cent overall average. The two averaged 100 per cent in their top seven Grade 12 classes.

The duo studied math under Bruce White. They were accepted into a one-week program for 42 international students to study quantum cryptography at the University of Waterloo this summer.

Both young men will study honours math at the University of Waterloo on scholarship.

They also played volleyball, basketball, tennis, soccer and badminton and ran track and cross country.

"They’re a really good team together," said their mother, Lynda. "They encourage each other. They spur each other on. They work together. They’re an amazing team. I think that’s why they accomplished what they have."

Lucas and Liam have also made Team Ontario for beach volleyball — doubles of course.

"We’ve always been competitive and driven to push each other to the max," said Lucas. "We’re very close. We’re a good team. It’s nice to have a teammate you know so well."

Lucas credits his mom and White for his and his brother's success.

"My mom always taught me to be very organized and have good time management. That’s critical. She stressed that from a young age," Lucas said.

The twins are also humanitarians. In Grade 11, they hosted a charity yard sale and raised $11,000 for those in need in Africa.

The two were so successful in their senior year of high school, they alternated applying for scholarships, just to be fair to one another.

Lucas only applied to Waterloo — three different programs there.

"Waterloo was always on the back of mind in high school," he said. "I would love to go to medical school someday and one day get to use my education to give back and help other people."