Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said her party has yet to decide on who will run for election in the vacant riding of Windsor-Tecumseh.

The seat is open now that long-time Liberal MPP and Finance Minister Dwight Duncan retired.

Horwath, while in Windsor touring the Unemployed Help Centre, said she has already talked to the local NDP riding association about potential candidates.

"We’re well into the process of a candidate search," Horwath said.

She said it will ultimately be up to the riding association to decide on a candidate.

"There’s a lot of interest and not surprisingly," Horwath said.

Andrew McAvoy ran for the party in the last election. He received 12,228 votes and lost to Duncan by 3,718.

In 2007, McAvoy ran for the Green Party and received less than 3,000 votes.  The NDP candidate that year, Helmi Charif,  had well over 8000 votes.

Horwath considers the riding winnable.

"You consider every single seat a winnable seat. We’re taking it very seriously," Horwath said. "We’re going to work like hell to encourage people of Windsor-Tecumseh to vote NDP."

Horwath wouldn’t divulge any campaign planks or promises. After all, the Liberals are still in control of a minority government and Premier Kathleen Wynne has six months to call a by-election in Windsor-Tecumseh.

Horwath would only say that the Liberals "all but wiped out horse racing industry," an industry and issue that hits close to home in Windsor, where the raceway closed.

"It was a big mistake," Horwath said.