Sub-contractors owed money by the company manufacturing sub-standard girders on the $1.6-billion Herb Gray Parkway may be getting a little more pressure to pay.

Wednesday afternoon, Windsor-Tecumseh MPP Percy Hatfield introduced a private members' motion to protect businesses who supply goods and services to companies working under a government contract.

Hatfield was asking for an amendment that would force contractors to pay outstanding debts before applying for other government contracts.

Now, the motion is awaiting a signature of approval from top government officials in the Management Board of Cabinet.

"It's a pressure tactic, completely symbolic," said Hatfield.  "It's not rocket science, but it says to Freyssinet, "Don't apply for any more government work. You're not going to get it because you don't qualify until you pay your local suppliers.'"

Charlie Hotham says his company, Hotham Building Supply, is owed $100,000 from Freyssinet.

"This is a great day for the construction industry in the province — not just Windsor, but across the province," Hotham said. "The bill and the motion that was just passed certainly adds a level of support that we've never had before.

"This gives us an extreme leverage in eliminating the possibility of this happening again to our industry."

The majority of the 300 substandard girders have now been removed, with the exception of nearly 100 in Tunnel 2 in the Lambton area.

Parkway spokesperson Cindy Prince says removal in Tunnel 2 will take a little longer because workers must first remove the road surface before getting to the girders.

She expects this to be completed sometime in April or May.