Juno award winner Ashley MacIsaac has moved back to Windsor, Ont., — and he plans to stay.

The musician said the weather was key to his decision.

"I moved away for a year, and in the middle of the winter last year, I was up near Peterborough, and I thought, 'I can't deal with this weather.' So as soon as May rolled around, I came down and looked for a house and moved back," he said.

MacIsaac, who is originally from Cape Breton, had previously called Windsor home for three years.

During his last stay in Windsor, MacIsaac made headlines when he protested against PETA while wearing a fur coat and hold a sign in support of the seal hunt.

MacIsaac said he is considering a political run.

"I might be interested in politics in this area in the future," he said."I don't know if that will be the next election or the one after, but I'm making attempts and inroads there as well."

MacIsaac has shown an interest in federal politics in the past.

He said he has no interest in municipal politics.