The two men found guilty of second-degree murder have been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for 17 years.

Donald Dodd and Timothy Carter were found guilty in February of killing Vaios Koukousoulas, 63, and Peter Kambas, 53, in June of 2008.

Koukousoulas and Kambas were beaten to death. Justice Renée Pomerance said called the beatings "excessive and gratuitous."

Roger Leblanc was a friend of Koukousoulas. Leblanc drove him to work each and day and had beers with him on occasion.

"Vaios wouldn’t hurt a fly. To know how this went down is very sad," Leblanc said. "I’m glad it’s over. It’s still hard to picture everything that happened."

Pomerance said there were only snapshots of what happened the night the two died, but what is known is "chilling."

She called the beating deaths acts of extraordinary brutality and horrific violence.

"I don’t question Judge Pomerance’s ruling at all. These two men suffered a horrible, vicious beating," said crown Jennifer Holmes

Approximately 30 people were in the courtroom Friday. Friends and family of the two convicted shouted "I love you" to the pair as they were led away.

"I don’t look at my uncle any different. I love him to death. He’s the most amazing uncle I could imagine," said Carter's niece, Samantha Johns.