Residents in Leamington woke up to a sudsy surprise Friday morning after someone spiked a downtown fountain with soap.

Mountains of white fluff filled the area in front of the town's library, while clouds of bubbles bumped their way down the street.

"It bubbles up like crazy, makes a great big display and a great big mess," said mayor John Paterson. "It's a fairly active fountain that stirs up quickly so you get mounds and mounds of soap suds coming out."

While the mess might seem like a fun prank, the mayor explained the fountain had to be shut down while crews drain all of the water and flush out the lines —  an exercise Paterson said is expensive and time-consuming.

The mayor said soap gets poured in the foutain a few times each year, typically on Halloween, but the joke has started to wear thin.

"It's frustrating, it's disrespectful," he added.

The perpetrators made off into the night without being caught, but Paterson said efforts are currently underway to identify them so it's not clear if they made a clean getaway after all.