Mouldy cat food found by Windsor man called 'isolated incident'

Scott Duquette tells CBC he found mould in the can of Friskies Mariner`s Catch fish paté he bought for his cats.

Purina says mould likely due to damage during distribution or storage, not during manufacturing

Scott Duquette went to feed his cats Chip and Dale and that's when he found a can of mouldy cat food. (Scott Duquette/Twitter)

A Windsor pet owner says he recently made a stomach-churning discovery in a can of cat food.

Scott Duquette tells CBC he found mould in the can of Friskies Mariner`s Catch fish paté he bought for his cats.

Duquette says one of his cats vomited after accidentally ingesting the product.

The Purina brand product is part of Nestle. On Wednesday, the company said "there are no plans for a product recall."

But for Duquette, he says he's worried other pet owners might experience the same thing.

"It almost made me sick to my stomach," he said. "And, I was worried and I was also upset, and a little angry, all at the same time, that this could happen."

Duquette posted the photo on the Friskies Facebook page and tweeted the photo to the company. He says the company gave a him "form response" both times.

So, he replied, asking to have a supervisor contact him. He says one did.

Duquette says the company's response to his complaint, so far, was to promise to investigate and offer him coupons.

Pet owner Scott Duquette is worried other cans of cat food could be mouldy and be available to other pets and pet owners. (Scott Duquette/Facebook)

Another Purina spokesperson explained, on Wednesday, that it has not had any other similar complaints. The email also outlines that mould would most likely occur from damage to the can during distribution or storage, not manufacturing of the product.

"We sincerely regret that Mr. Duquette had this unusual experience with our product," according to the email. "While it seems to be an isolated incident and poses no serious health risk, it is not representative of the quality of our products."


  • A previous version of this story said Purina had not yet decided on whether a recall would be issued. In fact, a recall was never considered
    Dec 30, 2015 4:47 PM ET


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