A woman who had sex with her 14-year-old foster son was sentenced to a year in jail on Monday.

The woman, who lives near Windsor, Ont., pleaded guilty to sexual assault in March.

The teen's biological mother broke down before she started reading her victim impact statement. She told the Windsor court her son was a nervous wreck, has trouble in school, and trouble with the law.

The relationship started in late 2008 and ended in 2009 when the boy's foster father caught him having sex with the accused.

The Crown said even though it was the teen who initiated the sex, the accused was the adult, and had an obligation to say no.

"We have a double standard still when it comes to boys and girls. If it had been a young girl, I think the public would be demanding a long-term sentence, but this sentence I think is a reasonable sentence and it sends out a message that it's inappropriate," said Walter Costa, Deputy Crown Attorney.

On top of her 12-month jail sentence, the 45-year-old woman will be on probation for three years.

She can't be anywhere near someone under the age of 16 unless it's her grandchildren, and she must seek written permission to spend time with them.

The woman's lawyer, Laura Joy, said this is the first and last time her client will have any dealings with the justice system.

"She's embarrassed. She's brought shame on her family. She's incredibly remorseful for what has happened to the complainant and his family," said Joy. "Quite frankly, she has punished herself."