Missing woman found safe, say Windsor police

Police say they located Jamie Frenette near Blenheim. She was believed to be last seen in Windsor's west end near Barrymore Lane and South Street.

Police were concerned for her safety after receiving a dropped 911 call

Jamie Frenette believed to have been in the area of Barrymore Lane and South Street Tuesday. She is described as white, five feet four inches tall and weighing about 61 kilograms. (Windsor Police Service)

The Windsor woman reported missing Tuesday, after police received a dropped 911 call, has been found safe and unharmed. 

Police say they located Jamie Frenette near Blenheim. Before finding her, police said her last known whereabouts were in Windsor's west end near Barrymore Lane and South Street.

A 911 call was received shortly before 5 a.m. with what police describe as "sounds of concern."

"Obviously there was something going on, where somebody involved decided we need some help, we need to call 911," said Sgt. Steve Betteridge.

He did not say if Frenette was the one who called 911 or if the cellphone that made the call was registered to her.

"Someone was reaching out for help and when that line gets disconnected we become concerned and want to get to the bottom of it for the safety of everyone involved," said Betteridge.

Jamie Frenette was last spotted in the area of Barrymore Lane and South Street Tuesday. (Windsor police service)