In the absence of U.S. comedian Stephen Colbert, Miss Canada and Amherstburg, Ont., native Jaclyn Miles will be the grand marshal of the downtown Windsor Santa Claus parade Saturday.

Downtown BIA chair Larry Horwitz promised someone "bigger and better." He later confirmed Miles will be the grand marshal.

Horwitz said that if, by any chance, Colbert agrees to come to Windsor on Saturday, he would be co-grand marshal with Miles by his side.

The BIA began wooing Colbert after the host of the Colbert Report took aim at the city in his latest book, America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't. In the book, Colbert wonders in a footnote if Windsor is the "Earth's rectum."

Not long after, Colbert continued his attack on Canada, playfully ridiculing Windsor, the CBC and Winnipeg on his popular cable television show.

Five years ago, Colbert called Windsor, "the worst place on Earth."

Horwitz put together a local gift package and sent it to Colbert. The package included sauce from the Tunnel BBQ; a t-shirt, candy from Walkers Candies; and a jar of moose droppings, a uniquely named chocolate treat from Windsor. 

The parade is scheduled for Saturday at 3 p.m.