A new centre to help people with mental health problems and addictions is being planned for Windsor.

Hôtel-Dieu Grace Hospital is one of the partners working on the proposal.

Planners have been working on the "inner city strategy" for more than a year.

The centre would be located away from hospital walls.

It will be a voluntary program, designed to meet the unique needs of the inner city population.

The clients will be mainly people who have been frequent users of the emergency department, police and court services.

Janice Kaffer is the vice-president of clinical programs at Hotel-Dieu Grace.

She said the strategy is modeled after one in Fort Myers, Florida:

"Where the community health providers come together to take a look at how you can provide a non-acute-care program for people, to help stabilize them and to help them get back into the community in a safe and sustainable way," she said.

The goal in Windsor is to establish a "community transitional stability centre for mental health and addictions." Initially, 24 clients would be served.

A project planner has just come on board to help develop the strategy.

The local health integration network is involved, too. It has met with a number of agencies to determine which ones will provide various resources for the project.

A further update is expected within six months.