Men more likely to drive drunk in Canada and Windsor-Essex

Canadian statistics show 82 per cent of people charged with impaired driving are male and numbers at the local level in Windsor-Essex are similar.
Recently, Essex OPP charged five men in one weekend with drunk driving. (File Photo)

Canadian statistics show 82 per cent of people charged with impaired driving are male.

That trend is also seen at the local level in Windsor-Essex.

Last weekend alone, OPP in Essex County arrested five men and no women on impaired driving charges.

Chaouki Hamka, of the local Mothers Against Drunk Driving chapter, said several factors are at play.

"Males binge drink a lot more than women. Males have a certain bonding experience with each other which involves alcohol," he said. "That doesn't mean necessarily women don't do that, but not to the degree that men would go out and party and bond together when alcohol's involved."

Hamka also says men, especially younger men and teenagers, are more likely to take risks.

"Younger generation aged between 16 and 25 are over represented in impaired driving crashes and charges," he said.

Michael Kruse is a criminal lawyer who has specialized in drunk driving cases for more than 20 years. Most of his clients charged with drinking and driving are men.

"A very vast preponderance of our clients [are men]," he said. "Males get charged much more frequently than females in this area."

Kruse hears many reasons why.

"Men tend to drive to the bar on their own, in their own car, and they don't have a plan," Kruse said. "They might think to themselves, 'oh, if I drink too much, I'll get a cab.' but at the end of the day, they don't."

OPP spokesperson Const. Stephanie Moniz said just because five men were recently charged, it "certainly doesn't exclude females" from ever being charged.