Memo could mean new life for Christmas party

A memo put out by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) may save an Christmas party at Vincent Massey high school.

Underpriviledged kids might get gifts after all

A memo put out by the Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF) may save a Christmas party at Vincent Massey high school.  

On Wednesday CBC Windsor was first to report this story.  An annual party for underpriviledged kids, organized by Massey students, was threatened by teacher job action.

On Thursday CBC Windsor obtained a memo from the OSST to its teachers.  It said "...members may participate in holiday-season charity activities in December for which commitment has already been made." 

The memo went on to state these activities may include " drives and support of community programs to provide holiday gifts for children."

Refering to the memo, OSSTF Federation District 9 president Jeff Brosseau said the organization recognized "they don't want to put a stop to things that have already been started.  At the same time we expect members not to go out of their way to start something that hasn't already been started."

CBC Windsor also contacted Massey teacher Ron McKenzie.  He's the teacher organizer for the annual Christmas party.  He wasn't aware of the memo, but said he'll definitely try and make the party move forward if the information is accurate.

Brosseau added that the union would be open to having the Massey Christmas party go ahead.