After the Canadian women's hockey team beat the United States on Wednesday Marco Marciano was on the phone with his wife, Meghan Agosta-Marciano.

"I woke up pretty early this morning and watched the game," he said. ""We talked on the phone right after her game. She was pretty happy and pumped that they won."

Marciano said although he made it to the Vancouver Olympics, where Meghan won her second gold medal, he was disappointed that a busy schedule prevented him from travelling to Sochi.

That didn't stop him from cheering her on at home.

"She had a tough year, a few injuries," he said. "But she's pretty strong mentally."

Marciano was also surprised at how much support he received from his friends and family.

"You don't think there's so many people watching, but when they email or text you to say they're watching the game, it's special," he said.