Essex County council received assurances last night that Leamington Hospital is not part of the efforts underway to study the feasibility of creating a new so-called mega-hospital for the region.

Liberal Windsor West MPP Teresa Piruzza brought her task force to a meeting of council to provide an update on where the study stands.

She also mentioned that the Tayfour campus at Windsor Regional Hospital, on the city's west side, will remain as is.

Overall, county councillors support the province's efforts to study the possibility of creating a new single-site acute-care hospital to better service the region's residents.

Tecumseh Mayor Gary McNamara believes a mega-hospital would better serve people.

"We don't know exactly what it would be, but in terms of looking at the growth areas and where they are, it's now building a facility that will certainly complement the new growth in our communities," McNamara said.

Mark Carrick is deputy mayor of LaSalle. He is all for a new hospital, if it's done right.

"We want to make sure the access is feasible for everyone ... to accommodate and offset population growth," he said.

The task force is expected to have a final report ready by November.