A company trying to open a medical marijuana growing operation in Oldcastle has its first green light.

Tecumseh town council unanimously approved the re-zoning last night.

No residents appeared before council to protest the move, either.

E.C. Green is the company looking to set roots in the area, but it still needs approval from Health Canada.

"I look at it as another opportunity to create diversification in our industrial park," said Tecumseh mayor Gary McNamara. "This is not like you're going to a dark alley to purchase your little pouch of marijuana. This is basically very strict in how it's grown, delivered, and even maintained."

Cheryl Hardcastle is the deputy mayor and touts the economic benefits of bringing new business to the area.

"We're diversifying job opportunities, and we're doing our part," she said. "Somebody's gotta do it. Somebody's got to provide this, and isn't is better to do it locally here? This isn't like opening a produce stand at the end of your road because you've grew some rhubarb. It's not the same thing."

The owner hopes to start the $3 million operation next April.

The project will create at least 20 jobs.