The Meals on Wheels program offered in Amherstburg wanted to challenge perceptions that their food isn't flavourful, so they asked CBC's Jonathan Pinto to put one of their lunches to a taste test.

The program serves between 60 and 100 people each day. Anyone over 55, who can no longer care for themselves can use the service.

Head cook Sue Laparde said the meals are made with local ingredients and the organization uses a local butcher, but on occasion will have to use a food service.

Sue Laprade

Head cook, Sue Laprade boxes up some balsamic pork loin for Meal on Wheels. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

Laparde has been the head of the kitchen since 2010. One of her goals is to have a variety of dishes on the menu, because "otherwise it gets boring."

Pinto's taste test meal consisted of a roasted balsamic pork loin with a balsamic gravy, roasted herb potatoes and little carrots with Italian ravioli soup.

There was even dessert, a lemon blueberry trifle.

Food from Meals on Wheels

A meal of roasted balsamic pork loin with a balsamic gravy, roasted herbed potatoes and little carrots. (Jonathan Pinto/CBC)

Windsor Morning's resident foodie sat down to the three-course meal and tried the pork loin roast first. Pinto described it as "really, really good." The soup, which had a cheese-filled ravioli also got a thumbs up, as did the trifle.

"I didn't know what to expect," said Pinto.

Meals on Wheels taste test0:32

"Some people believe, even although they may be in their eighties, that they're too young for Meals on Wheels or that there's not enough meals for everyone to go around. Which there is," said Amherstburg Community Services executive director Kathy DiBartolomeo.

Some people are referred to the organization after getting out of the hospital and correlate hospital food with Meals on Wheels, she added, but says that's not the case.

"We want to help get the word out there that there is assistance for seniors that wish to remain at home, that there is healthy nutritional meals that are available within their community."