Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis is encouraging people looking for work to attend a job fair Friday and Saturday at the Caboto Club.

HGS Canada is a call centre company trying to find a qualified workforce of at least 500.

Mayor Francis said it's important that more than 2,000 people attend the job fair.

"We do need a very comprehensive and deep labour pool for the company to go through their process of considerations," Francis said.

He called the employment "stable and steady" and part of "a good company."

The jobs are full-time. The pay starts at about $11 an hour.

A company official said there is a generous benefit package and a lot of opportunity for advancement at HGS.

In June, the City of Guelph made a plea similar to the one made by Francis.

"Help Guelph get 500 new jobs! HGS Canada is considering setting up a new contact centre in Guelph, and they're looking for future employees," read a post on the city's Facebook page.

But according to the Guelph Mercury, the company in July informed the city it was not longer looking at Guelph as a potential location.