Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis will chair the organizing committee of the Ontario Summer Games.

Council approved the decision Monday night. It will commit $1.3 million to hosting the games this summer.

Essex County previously said it would not help fund the games. Francis said some sports like sailing and kayaking may be jeopardized.

Francis said Windsor can only benefit as host.

"I'll make no apologies for promoting the City of Windsor at the provincial, international stage," Francis said. "It's through those promotions we're able to attract people, we're able to showcase what we have to offer.

"Once in awhile, opportunities will come from that and could lead to a new family locating here or a new investment locating here."

The games will be held in Windsor, Aug. 7-10.

Alan Halberstadt was the only councillor who voted against the motion, believing the money should be spent on infrastructure projects.

"As you drive around, the potholes are becoming canyons. It's just my priority that if you're going to be spending a lot of capital money on that stuff, we should maybe change directions a bit or at least know when to stop," Halberstadt said of spending on sports and events.

Halberstadt said he may have voted differently if the county had decided to take part.