The Ward 2 meeting in west Windsor included a special guest Thursday night.

Mayor Eddie Francis, who doesn't usually attend ward meetings, showed up at Mackenzie Hall to field questions from citizens.

The mayor expected one of the questions. It was about the boarded-up buildings owned by the Ambassador Bridge company.

People living nearby are frustrated by the fact they have to put up with the blight.

Francis explained the city has tried to impose property standards but that every move the city makes is countered by legal action.

"All of you in this room know what their modus operandi is. They will tie things up as much as they can we are trying to do the best that we can," Francis told the crowd.

Francis explained the city won't allow demolition because it believes the bridge company wants to turn the area into a truck plaza.

Nancy Ross says the west end has been neglected for years:

"It just seems that we don't get the amenities. We get ignored a lot. If the city is getting something implemented, it's downtown or the east end," she said.

The mayor and Ward 2 councillor Ron Jones don't agree with Ross.

Francis also tried to appease some homeowners who claim they are putting up with bad neighbours.

"Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is have you call us every time there's a complaint, and for us to go there," the mayor said. "By the way you describe the new tenants, they're bad tenants and they don't care."