Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis accuses the province of being more worried about "legal repercussions rather than engineering outcomes" when it comes to controversial girders installed in the $1.4 billion Herb Gray Parkway.

In a letter sent to Minister of Transportation Glen Murray on Thursday, Francis takes exception to the Independent Expert Review Committee and its report to the province.

"[T]he report was authored by the Independent Expert Review Committee, whose chair is an attorney with expertise in litigation and arbitration of construction claims," Francis says in the letter. "In reading the report, it is our opinion  that the findings have been heavily influenced by potential legal repercussions rather than engineering outcomes, thus hindering the technical openness of the team."

Francis tells Murray he is also concerned for the safety of his constituency.

"Permanent doubt has been cast on the safety and integrity of the parkway structures, specifically the lack of adherence to our domestic industry standards and codes, the absence of rigorous quality control that could have provided some comfort to our residents' concerns," Francis wrote.

On the second of the three-page letter, Francis makes seven requests of the province, including the government "direct the removal and replacement of the 153 installed girders in Tunnel 7 with fully conforming girders before proceeding."

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