CBC News has confirmed that Mayor Eddie Francis met with Premier Kathleen Wynne in Toronto Tuesday to discuss Ontario's auto sector.

Mayors from several other auto towns were on hand for the summit.

Francis said he won't divulge the details of the 45-minute discussion with the premier, but he did say the mayors briefed Wynne on some of the projects they are working on.

On the topic of Chrysler investment, Francis said it should be a business and not a political decision. He referenced a letter Sergio Marchionne wrote earlier in the year.

"I think we need to be very mindful of the letter Mr. Marchionne wrote to the Premier and the Prime Minister several months ago where he said he doesn't want this to become a political football," said Francis. "So the last thing you'll find is a political comment from the City of Windsor."

"Who are we to tell them how to run their company," Francis continued. "All I know, and something we should all take some comfort in his comments, that the investment will be made here. I take him at his word and I think we should all take him at his word."

A spokesperson from the premier's office emailed CBC Windsor this statement:

"Premier Wynne met with a number of leaders including Mayor Francis regarding the strength of Ontario's auto sector. As you know, the auto manufacturing sector is a very important part of our economy that directly employs approximately 97,000 Ontarians. Our government will continue to build on our strong partnership with the auto sector and we look forward to working together to create good-paying Ontario jobs.​"