Mayor Eddie Francis: no conflict once he's VP of WFCU

Eddie Francis has been named the new vice president of the WFCU.

WFCU officials offered Francis the job after he announced his last term as mayor

(CBC News)

Eddie Francis has been named the new vice president of the Windsor Family Credit Union.

Francis and the credit union have actually had an agreement since mid-February.

Francis says he was offered the position after he announced he would not seek re-election.

"Most other mayors have left office and walked right into a job, and you found out about it the next day," said Francis. "We're letting you know so you guys can keep me honest."

WFCU president Marty Komsa says they went after Francis after he announced in January he would not seek re-election.

"We're looking forward to his leadership, his entrepreneurial skills, his business acumen," he said.

The mayor said he will stay on as mayor in the meantime, insisting it does not pose a conflict of interest.

"My sister-in-law works here. For most of you that cover council, you know that where there has been a conflict," said Francis. "I've removed myself from that conflict."

Councillor Drew Dilkens, who is contemplating running for mayor, doesn't see a conflict either.

"If there is something that comes up where he feels he has a conflict, or I, or any other member of council feels they have a conflict or even a perceived conflict of interest, we're able to make that declaration and step back from making a decision on a particular issue," said Dilkens.

The mayor also said in no way does this indicate the WFCU was shown any favouritism in being granted naming rights to the arena and aquatic centre.

"The city didn't pay them to put their name on the building. They paid, their members contributed their dollars to put their names on city assets," said Francis.

His posting starts in December 2014, after his term as Windsor's mayor is complete.


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