Fired city auditor general Todd Langlois and his lawyer James H. Cooke fought back against the City of Windsor and Mayor Eddie Francis at a media conference Friday.

Langlois was fired earlier in the week for allegedly refusing to outsource some of his work, as per his contract, according to council, which voted 10-1 to fire him.

But at the conference, Langlois said he was never informed of the reasons for his termination. He said the accusation he failed to outsource is simply untrue.

At a separate media conference held an hour later at City Hall, the city's legal counsel George King said only that Langlois was terminated according to his employment agreement.

"We have no obligation to tell someone one, two or 20 reasons why they're being fired," King said.

Langlois said he planned to audit Enwin Utilities in 2012, despite the mayor's wishes.

Francis is vice chair of the Enwin board and chairman of its parent company, Windsor Canada Utilities Inc.

Langlois said he encountered roadblocks in attempting to conduct the audit.

"He was told directly by the mayor that this was not within his scope," Cooke said of the Enwin audit. "You can't conduct an audit when the mayor, who sits on the board and is chair of the parent corporation is telling you you're not going to do it."

Francis responded by saying Langlois submitted on Jan. 27 the proposed Enwin audit as part of his 2012 work plan and that Langlois had the legal authority to audit Enwin.

"He never indicated ... that anyone was blocking him from doing anything. I didn’t hear him offer any proof of roadblocks being put up," Francis said.

Cooke said that Windsor City Hall has a culture of control that starts in the mayor's office. He said if Francis doesn't want an employee there, that employee is "gone."

Cooke went on to say the mayor's office is destroying lives.

Francis rebuffed the claim he is a "control freak." He said he is "a mayor that is very involved and [not] a mayor that just ribbon cuts."

"I’m a very involved mayor," Francis said. "I’m a target. I’m always going to be a target. I’m a target. I get it. It’s part of my job."

CBC News will have much more, including the more accusations and reactions from both sides, Friday on Windsor at Six.