There will be no investigation into the conduct of Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis in his capacity as chairman of the city's police services board.

As CBC Windsor was first to report Wednesday, a complaint filed by the Windsor Police Association, the union representing officers in Windsor, has been dismissed.

The Ontario Civilian Police Commission said there is not sufficient evidence to warrant an investigation.

The Windsor Police Association alleged Francis made disparaging comments about the integrity of the police service.

It claimed he violated the code of conduct for members of the police services board and asked that he be removed from it.

In the complaint, Ed Parent, chief administrative officer of the Windsor Police Association, wrote that "Francis has made disparaging comments about the integrity of the Windsor Police Service and has criticized the processes for professional disciplinary hearings."

Parent also alleged Francis has "violated the code of conduct for members of the police services board."

"Mayor Francis' conduct has attributed to the discredit, and compromised integrity, of the Windsor Police Service," Parent wrote.

Jason Dejong is president of the police association. He is disappointed with the decision.

"We filed a complaint believing that there would be enough grounds to conduct an investigation," Dejong said. "But we will continue working with the police services board."

Francis said he and the board can now concentrate on more important issues such as contract negotiations and the search for a new police chief.

He called the complaint frivolous.

"I thought it was an unfortunate and regrettable tactic by the association, but I'm glad to see that OCOPS isn't putting any weight to it," Francis said. "And I'm relieved to hear that OCOPS has decided to dismiss the complaint."