Windsor Mayor Eddie Francis returns from Moscow on Tuesday a bit more confident about Windsor's chances of hosting the 25-metre World Swimming Championships in either 2016 or 2018.

FINA is holding a major convention in Russia and Francis was on hand.

FINA members making the final decision are all at this week's convention.

During the past two days, Francis had a chance to meet with each decision maker and promote the joint Windsor-Detroit bid.

Francis said officials are aware of what this area has to offer.

"To be at a FINA convention where you have people from all over the world ... talking about Windsor here — and weeks ago they didn't know anything about Windsor — it's very positive. It's a good feeling," Francis said.

Francis said members of the International Olympic Committee and officials from Speedo were among those on hand.

While the mayor returns home Tuesday, other members of the Windsor-Detroit team will stay in Russia to continue their lobbying efforts.

Windsor is competing with Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates.

A final decision will be made Dec. 11 in Turkey.

All the members who will be voting on the bids from Windsor, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates are in Russia.

Francis told CBC News he met them all face-to-face.

"I've met with representatives from South America, from North America, from Africa, Australia and Europe. The federations that have been represented have also met with us," he said. "I'm walking away very pleased at the level of knowledge."

Francis said the recent visit to Windsor by FINA officials has resulted in a positive outlook.

The voting members have been informed of the city's assets and facilities and its ability to host the event. Despite a new multi-million-dollar aquatic centre, the city will have to build a temporary pool at the WFCU Centre to host the event. The downtown aquatic centre doesn't have a small enough pool or enough seating.

FINA is also looking at the possibility of having Windsor host the World Aquatics Convention if it wins the bid for one of the swimming championships in 2016 or 2018.