Matthew Brush charged with murder of Cassandra Kaake

Windsor police have made an arrest in the Cassandra Kaake murder investigation.

Police have arrested 26-year-old LaSalle resident Matthew Brush in the death of Cassandra Kaake.

Brush is facing a first degree murder charge and additional charges of breaking and entering, arson and indecent interference with a dead body.

Brush facing 6 charges:

  • First degree murder
  • Arson with disregard for human life
  • Arson causing property damage
  • Possession of incendiary material for arson
  • Break and enter
  • Indecent interference with a dead body 

Kaake was found dead at the scene of a house fire on Benjamin Avenue on Dec. 11.

The 31-year-old was seven months pregnant.

A postmortem examination found that Kaake died of blood loss caused by severe trauma. Police said the fire was intentionally set.

Police will hold a media conference Thursday.

They continue to investigate.

Sense of relief

Neighbours of Kaake say the news of the arrest comes as a relief after months of investigation into her death, including police going door to door asking for volunteer DNA samples.

Sean Lemon has lived on Benjamin Avenue for 12 years.

He has three teenage boys and since news broke of the murder, he worries about leaving them to play on the streets.

"We're glad to hear that they got somebody, we hope it's the right one. I'm not sure it's going to alleviate our trepidation in  letting the kids out on the road anymore," he said.

Toni Probe lives down the street from the house in which Kaake's body was found.

"It's just been really nerve wracking, I feel bad for the family for the neighbourhood," she said.

Probe and her husband Ray said news of the arrest comes as a "tremendous relief."

"You see the police around. It's kind of a relief to see them around but it's just a reminder of the whole situation," she said.