The Greater Essex County District School Board is going all out to improve students' math skills.

This announcement comes after the release of test results the school board considered below average.

Clara Howitt, the superintendent of education at the board, describes the new game plan.

"In the last decade, our focus was in the area of literacy, and we've demonstrated considerable gains in that area, and now the area is math," she said. "Similar to our process to improving literacy, it is a full-court press in mathematics."

The focus won't just be on students. The game plan is multifaceted.

According to Howitt, there will be incentives for teachers to acquire their math credentials, additional qualifications in mathematics and resources for the system.

She also said there will be a focus on professional development and technology.

"It's everywhere: math, math, and more math," Howitt said.

All students will be targeted - from junior kindergarten to Grade 12.