Windsor West MP Brian Masse is declaring victory over microbeads.

The tiny plastic balls often found in cleansers and body scrubs are so small fish can confuse them for food and die of starvation. They also can't be caught by municipal water filtration plants meaning there's a high concentration of microbeads in Canadian waters.

The Canadian government recently prohibited the manufacturing of microbeads in Canadian consumer products starting next year, following Masse's work with companies that make products using the tiny beads.

Brian Masse

Windsor West MP Brian Masse. (Brian Masse/NDP/Facebook)

Selling the plastic products will also be banned starting July 1 and microbeads will be added to Canada's list of toxic substances.

"I am pleased to see that the work I have done, in conjunction with the manufacturers and environmentalists, has finally come to fruition," Masse wrote in a media release. "Microbeads are filling our lakes, streams and oceans and pose a threat to the environment, ecosystems and likely to human health."