Windsor is experiencing one of its coldest months of March on record.

A year ago, the region was having one of the warmest in history.

On the first day of spring last year, it was 27 C in Windsor. Wednesday's predicted high is -1 C.

Spring officially arrived at 7:02 a.m. Wednesday and yet Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips said more cold is in store for the region.

He said March has not only been one of the coldest on record, Windsor also had more snow this winter than most.

According to Phillips, Windsor had approximately 15 per cent more snow this year than normal.

It's not over yet, Phillips warned.

"I don't think you should write the final chapter on the amount of snow," Phillips said.

Next month should get better, Phillips said.

"April will unfold and we'll see more warm days than cold days and that's really what our models say," Phillips said. "You have to be patient."