An OPP officer near Windsor, Ont., is being commended for her quick thinking after stopping a speeder on Highway 3.

Provincial police said the officer pulled over the speeding vehicle Tuesday afternoon.

That's when she learned that the passenger had severed his finger and was being rushed to hospital carrying the finger in a plastic bag.

Instead of handing out a speeding ticket, the officer moved the injured 29-year-old Amherstburg man to her cruiser and rushed him to Hôtel-Dieu Grace hospital in Windsor.

Police said a doctor was waiting to perform surgery late Tuesday and was going to attempt to re-attach the severed finger.

It's not yet known if the surgery was a success.

OPP spokesperson Sgt. Rick Tonial said the injured man had been at a friend's house in Leamington, south of Windsor, doing some mechanical work on a motorcycle when the injury occurred.