A 50-year-old man is being charged with offering an indignity to a dead body, and breach of probation after police found human remains under the porch of a Windsor, Ont., home.

The remains were discovered around 9 p.m. ET Sunday under the enclosed rear porch of a home on 1415 Lincoln Rd.

Police said they found the remains within minutes of arriving at the residence. It is not known why police were at the house Sunday night.

About an hour later, a man was taken into custody.

There is no word on how long the remains had been there. 


Police have not yet released details about the human remains found under the rear porch of the home. ((CBC))

Police said foul play is suspected but weren't releasing further details. On Monday afternoon, police were still investigating, and were still protecting the scene.

Autopsy results were expected Monday afternoon.

Neighbours said police were always making calls to the house. One woman said she chose not to get to know her neighbours because of the activities going on.

"They did a lot of drinking and a lot of fighting and that's about all I know about them," said Judy Presnell. "They did so much of that I couldn't even go in my own backyard because that's where they did it all in the summer time."

Presnell said a man and a woman lived at the house.