Lakeshore town council has to decide between developing infrastructure and preserving a bit of history.

Council is considering tearing down a building used by the Maidstone Bicentennial Museum in order to make room for a new salt storage shed.

The resource centre sits adjacent to the museum on Puce Road. Both buildings are owned by the municipality. The museum itself is a former town hall. The resource centre is a former school.

The town says it needs to raze the the resource centre to build a new salt shed.

Victoria Beaulieu, president of the Maidstone Historical Society and a curator at the museum, said the resource centre is "essential" to obtain more funding for the museum and provide services and activities to visitors.

"We teach local history. It's very much a children's place. We specialize in interactive and hands-on programs and activities for children so they can see history come alive," she said. "We're growing so quickly we need room for expansion to handle larger amounts of school children."

Beaulieu claims 2,000 kids toured the museum and used the resource centre in the last year.

The town and council say the building needs to go so the neighbouring public works facility can expand to meet growing infrastructure needs.

"If the municipality's only alternative is to relocate public works, on a whole new site, the cost would be astronomical," said Coun. Charles McLean. "The council, in doing its due diligence and to the cost to the cost to the taxpayers, will have to weigh the factors of staying on that site."

Beaulieu claims the museum can't afford to move either. She said volunteers dovetail programming to go from the museum to the resource centre.

She says it wouldn't make sense to have the resource centre located in another location, far away from the museum.

Beaulieu, a former councillor, said that "in all fairness, they need a new salt shed."

"There is ample room on the site if they tear down the old salt shed and build a new one in the same location. They can build a state-of-the-art shed in the same location," she said.