Public school teachers protested outside Windsor's Caboto Club on Sunday while Liberal Party members voted for delegates to send to the provincial leadership convention.

Approximately 150 teachers staged the demonstration outside.

The demonstration came two days a planned day of protest schedule for Jan. 11 was ruled by the Ontario Labour Relation Board an illegal strike.

Nicolette Marion has been teaching for more than 20 years and said that the contract imposed by the government put out the fire.

"We're just getting rolling. We will not roll over. We will not play dead," she said. Last week, the a contract legislated by the province went into effect. It's similar to a deal reached by other teachers' unions in the province.

The teachers are protesting the contract imposed on them under Bill 115.

Local Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario president Adelina Cecchin said there is only thing for the government to do.

"Ultimately, what we're looking for is what already one of the Liberal candidates have said: if he were elected into power, he would tear up these contracts," she said.

As for extra-curricular activities, the local unions are still waiting to hear whether or not sports or clubs will continue this year.