Public high school teachers in Windsor-Essex will meet tonight to hear details of the revamped contract with the province, before voting on it later this month.

The agreement was negotiated by their union, the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation, once Premier Kathleen Wynne took over from Dalton McGuinty.

Local OSSTF president Jeff Brosseau prefers to call it an altered contract, rather than a new one.

"It would be great if we [could say] we have a fantastic contract and collective agreement to offer you," he said. "But what essentially has happened is we've made a bad deal slightly less bad."

Brosseau says the negotiations marked the first time in the long-standing dispute that the union was able to talk to the provincial government.

"A couple of things we tried. Number one is to try to get clarity and consistency with those terms that they've imposed," he said. "The second attempt was to find some efficiencies in the funding and utilize that to try to make the imposed terms slightly better."

The original contract was imposed on the teachers under Bill 115.