A medical marijuana company that intends to open in Lakeshore won't be affected if individual users can still grow the drug at home, a company executive says.

Last week, a federal court judge granted an injunction, allowing those who grow pot at home to continue doing so, for now.

Medical marijuana users can grow at home, for now

Medical marijuana users worry about lack of commercial supply

Without the injunction, Health Canada's new laws, which go into effect April 1, would end the home production of medical marijuana.

EC Green executive Mike Martin says he's not concerned about individual growers taking business away from his company.

"With so much fear, uncertainly and doubts surrounding it, like the judge said, he found there could be hardships, this is about their quality of life," Martin said. "We are talking about only the people that originally had their licenses before September. So that number won't continue to grow, but numbers show that demand won't continue to stop growing."

Roughly 40,000 Canadians are authorized to possess medical marijuana. Currently there are about 12 companies licensed to sell those users marijuana.

Martin says that with new laws and perhaps new mindsets that number could very well grow.

"It's incredibly exciting. It's rare you get to do something brand new," he said. "To see the cultural revolution going on around it as well, it's a very exciting time and I'm happy to be a part of it."

EC Green is still waiting for the federal government to approve the next step in the licensing process which would allow the company to start renovating its new facility, an industrial property in Oldcastle.

Once EC Green gets all approvals and meets all the regulations, it should be operating by fall.