Essex County farmers are feeling the effects of parliament prorogation as the buy local bill died shortly after it was introduced at Queen's Park.

Mark Balkwill is the president of the Essex County Federation of Agriculture. He said farmers in Windsor-Essex are anxious to see the legislation promoting local food become law.

The Promoting Local Food Act passed its first reading before Premier Dalton McGuinty's decision to prorogue the legislature.

Balkwill said there was great momentum, but now all progress has come to a halt.

"The buy local movement really seems to have caught on in Ontario where we have a great growing season," said Balkwill. "There's a multitude of fruits and vegetables and it reaches into the wine industry as well and all those components all benefit from this program."

He said Essex County has been working on a buy local campaign for five years.

"We're starting to see people starting to be more aware of where their food actually is coming from and where it's grown," said Balkwill.

The Ontario Legislature has been prorogued since Oct. 15.

Once the legislature is reconvened, Bill 130 will have to be reintroduced, according to the Ministry of Agriculture.

The ministry says the bill won't have to be rewritten.