The Windsor-Essex Regional Chamber of Commerce has joined the provincial chamber in offering advice to Ottawa on changes to the immigration system.

Windsor-Essex chamber president Matt Marchand says employers want Canada to have the fastest immigration processing time in the world.

He says the current wait is far too long for businesses, because many have jobs that need to be filled immediately.

"What we're trying to do is get a business perspective in that new system, and allow for more opportunities for employers to hire people, have a quicker turnaround, and generate income and wealth for the Windsor-Essex region," Marchand said.

Slated to be introduced in 2015, the new "expression of interest system" will give employers a key role in selecting future Canadians through job offers.

In the new system, many immigrants will have jobs before they arrive in Canada.

"Our membership, when looking to bring in specialists from abroad, there was up to a two-year — sometimes longer — delay in getting specialized positions filled," Marchand said. "That means lost prosperity and wealth for our region. We're looking to close the time gap."

Marchand says under the Australian immigration model, visas for permanent residence are processed within 58 days. The government of Canada is proposing a six-month processing time under the new system.