An Alabama company claims it purchased controlling interest in a Windsor firm in an effort to gain inroads into the automotive parts market, but both businesses aren't on the same page.

Line-X Protective Coatings announced it has purchased a substantial interest in Ground Effects Limited, which is based in Windsor.

Line-X CEO is claiming to have purchased "controlling interest" in Ground Effects as of June 27.

But James Scott, the president of Ground Effects, calls the claims "ridiculous garbage" and "BS" in an email to CBC News.

Ground Effects Ltd. makes automotive accessories like bed liners and running boards for cars and trucks and is a supplier to the Detroit Three and Toyota.

Line-X, which make bed liners for pickup trucks, has franchises around the continent, including one in Windsor.

The amount of the alleged sale has not been disclosed, but Line-X spokesperson Cristin Liveoak says there are no plans for layoffs or to close any Ground Effects plants.

She says Scott does retain his position with the company, but she didn't have any further details.

She doesn't know if the Ground Effects name will remain the same.

CBC News is attempting to get more information from James Scott, but he is out of the country in Haiti delivering temporary shelters for last year's earthquake victims.