Windsor Public Library chair Al Maghnieh apologized Thursday for using a library credit card for personal expenses.

Maghnieh, who is also a city councillor, has paid back more than $3,000 he racked up on the card.

Maghnieh used the credit card to pay for such things as a meal — with alcohol — when he was trying to attract new investment to the library.

He also charged the purchase of a case for his iPhone.

Maghnieh disclosed the spending — unprompted — himself.

Maghnieh said the money was promptly paid back, well in advance of an audit by KPMG, which concluded there is no missing money.

"Even though it was repaid back and the library was made whole, the policies and the processes speak that it's not allowed and that's something I wasn't in full compliance with and, obviously, I feel bad about it and would never repeat that," Maghnieh said.

The Ward 10 councillor said he's learned a lesson. Maghnieh turned in the credit card. He said he will use his personal credit card from now on,and determine what's an eligible expense later.

The library board will soon introduce stricter regulations on credit card use.