Canadians are likely dealing with Christmas dinner leftovers right now.

Whether it's turkey, ham or even a goose, chances are finding space in the fridge can be difficult at the best of times.

Cassandra Aarssen is a professional organizer whose fridge is labelled and organized.

"You can tell a lot about person’s organization by checking out their fridge," Aarssen said.

She recalls her own refrigerator before she became obsessed with organization.

"You opened it up and were punched in the face with this horrible smell," she said.

Aarssen said the biggest problem people deal with is leftovers.

"A lot of leftovers pile up," she said. "You have to decide: 'am I going to eat this or not?'

"Leftover containers can make or break your fridge."

Aarssen suggests putting all leftovers into reusable containers and not just throwing plastic wrap or tinfoil over bowls and plates.

"Labels are magical," she said "People are more prone to put things back in their labelled home."

Aarssen has labelled the bins on her door, for example.

She also said containing condiments is important.

"Keep all the things you use on burgers and sandwiches in one spot - the door is the perfect spot to have that," she said. "

Aarssen said newer fridges have shelving that can be removed and taken right to the table. She suggest using one for salad dressings and another for condiments.

Aarssen says a properly organized fridge can save time and money.

She suggests washing and cutting fresh vegetables immediately and putting them in containers. She also creates "snack bins" for kids.

"Prepare things right away," she said. "Put everything in a slide-out Rubbermaid tote."