Leamington's mayor wants police to crack down on what he calls lewd behaviour by Jamaican migrant workers living in the town.

John Paterson said some of their comments make life unpleasant for women in his town. Recently, some of those comments hit home.

One of the latest alleged incidents took place in uptown Leamington about a month ago. While she was walking to meet her father at a restaurant, Paterson's daughter crossed paths with what the mayor believes to be a group of Jamaican migrant workers. He didn't like what they had to say to her.

"Rather lewd comments that were made to her as she passed by a couple of guys on a business step next door," Paterson said.

The mayor would only say the comments were "in reference to her body parts."

John Paterson raised the issue Wednesday at the police services board meeting.

At that meeting, Paterson specifically said Jamaican migrant workers have been making inappropriate comments to women that make them feel uncomfortable.

"Not to be bigoted, not to be racist, not to be anything, it is directly related to some of the Jamaican migrant workers that are here," Paterson said.

Paterson said this issue with Jamaican migrant workers has been ongoing for years and his daughter's complaint is just one of hundreds.

He only contacted the OPP about the issue last month around the same time his daughter was the alleged victim.

The OPP, though, said they haven't received any harassment complaints about Jamaican migrant workers.

The allegations come as a surprise to the Jamaican liaison office, too.

"I don't know any of this to be factual. It has never been brought to our attention that this is happening," Vernon Melhado said.

The mayor said he doesn't want the workers to leave town. He just wants them to be cautious and more courteous..

"Maybe it's appropriate back in your home town, but here's it not," Paterson said. "So stop.